Scalability SCALABLE

Although it sounds counterintuitive, the very business model, products and services that led to your company’s fast growth may need to change as your organisation grows. Without an up-to-date reviewing process, you may find your business – and its initial growth – begins to falter. When the time comes for you to adjust your business model to ease the growth process, fundamental change is required at a philosophical level to move the business from where it began as ‘founder driven’ to where it should be as ‘process driven’. In a private company, this takes time but is necessary to achieve scalability across the business. When a company is scalable, it often commands a valuation premium against its peers, rising above competitors.


  • People – building competencies.
  • Process – driving consistency.
  • Systems – improving efficiency.
  • Strategic – advising on markets.
  • Review Product offerings – ensuring the economies of scale.
  • Integration post mergers and acquisitions – safeguarding your investment.


      • Review and advice of senior management, to provide the company with a gap analysis
      • Robust succession planning – a great way to check if you are scalable.
      • Coaching and mentoring
      • The establishment of a unified brand across all divisions, services and geographies
      • Instil properly documented standard operating procedures and administrative procedures
      • Review and map information systems that provide key performance indicators for managing the entire business
      • Sales performance system and defined lead generation activities
      • Company products or services relevant to that market which will generate savings and economies of scale
      • Creating strong Business cases including a PESTLE analysis
      • Review operating models and approaches to achieve the deal (M&A) rationale.

Being Scalable allows you to grow your business while improving your profitability and is a vital part of any long-term business plan. Within this, your most integral asset is your personnel. You need people who have expertise in a wide range of sectors, including management, operations, human resources, sales and other areas for your intended growth profile. Because of this, we advise you hire people for the company you are striving to attain. For your company, being resistant to change could mean you miss important milestones and opportunities. MBC, as an expert business consultancy, is here to support you in your preparations for continued growth.