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Manton Business Consulting helps businesses simplify and resolve a comprehensive range of commercial challenges. Whether you’re a Business Owner, Executive or Investor, we deliver expert advisory services, with the focus on helping you to achieve your goals through strategic decision making.

Simplifying commercial challenges 

The Critical Pillars Of Business Growth

MBC is an independent and highly responsive advisory providing high quality, client focussed advice and solutions with a pragmatic approach. We work to ensure your targets and deliverables are met and provide you and your business with relevant information and support in areas ranging from: expanding your business; reworking your strategy; preparing to sell or even acquiring new companies. Our working ethos begins with transforming your company’s mindset through clarity and concise consulting.

With over 25 years’ experience leading and developing businesses in the UK and Asia Pacific, we combine proven business expertise, regional and industry knowledge with highly effective tools to provide actions that address your business needs.


We believe in three Critical Pillars of Business Growth, and focus our support in aiding your business around these ‘Three S’s’:

  1. Sustainable
  2. Scalable
  3. Shareholder Value

Due to the continually evolving world of business, you may find yourself as a business owner or key decision maker, facing a lack of time, experience  or qualified staff to help overcome certain problems. However, by working with MBC and following strategies built around our three critical pillars of business growth, you and your business are much more likely to be able to adapt and thrive.



Successfully building a business requires formulating a sound and sustainable strategy. A strategy such as this must protect your company’s reputation to build long lasting customer satisfaction. By driving employee engagement and innovation from the outset you will help cultivate and retain top-level talent. It should also demonstrate compliance and lead to market differentiation. Once these components are brought together in a carefully crafted and aligned strategy, your company will begin to see long-term growth and profitability.



Although it sounds counterintuitive, the very business model, products and services that led to your company’s fast growth may need to change as your organisation grows. Without an up-to-date reviewing process, you may find your business – and its initial growth – begins to falter. When the time comes for you to adjust your business model to ease the growth process, fundamental change is required at a philosophical level to move the business from where it began as ‘founder driven’ to where it should be as ‘process driven’. In a private company, this takes time but is necessary to achieve scalability across the business. When a company is scalable, it often commands a valuation premium against its peers, rising above competitors.



Shareholder Return has a number of definitions, but we outline it as: the extent of actions taken by those in management positions, that in turn enrich the company’s shareholders. Shareholder’s money, in theory, should be utilised by senior decision makers to earn a better return on investment for the shareholder, than what they could earn investing elsewhere, with the same level of risk.



The direction of your business is determined by the creation and implementation of your business strategy. How your business will look in the future relies upon the clarity of your strategy, and through careful planning and forecasting, you can build a positive narrative and become better equipped to achieve your goals.

Executive Coaching

Coaching professionals for an executive position begins with effective self-improvement. Manton Business Consulting provides a vehicle for effective, bespoke improvement processes. With best in class assessment tools and judgement free approach, MBC act as an impartial guide for you to think and plan your own development, as well as the development of your organisation, to the next level.


Manton is an experienced executive and business consultant with over 25 years’ experience in Operations both in Europe and Asia Pacific. He has SVP, Managing Director, Non-Executive Directorship, Board oversight and full P&L experience in both private and Fortune listed organisations…






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